The Navona Story

Rome - 1-9-09 101.jpg

Have you heard of Piazza Navona? It’s a beautiful plaza (piazza in Italian) filled with vendors, children playing, people eating, living, working, worshipping, and shopping. It’s full of many colors of buildings, multiple fountains, gelato and so much more! As an architecture student, I was living just a couple of blocks from the piazza and walked through it several times a week. I loved the piazza because it, for me, truly brought to life the idea that within one space - spanning many centuries (most of the buildings and sculptures in the piazza were built in the 16th and 17th centuries) - people could live, work, eat, play, and worship. Certainly people watching is an excellent thing to do there!

While as contemporary architects, we are not and will not be designing any Baroque buildings, Piazza Navona still inspires me today, many years later, to design spaces where people can work, live, eat, play, and worship - whether as one project or many - and is the inspiration for the name of our firm, Navona Architecture LLC.

- Stephanie Bedinghaus, AIA | NCARB Architect