Our Story

Why Navona?

Our Story

While studying in Rome, Stephanie (founder of Navona Architecture LLC) was fascinated by the beauty of the history that Piazza Navona held, as well as the potential that existed there for it to be a magnificent place for generations to come. In Piazza Navona, people live, work, play, eat, and worship - it is full of life and beauty, both in the architecture and the people who inhabit it. The combination of the beauty of the historic structures, the potential for them to be accented with contemporary structures, as well as the function of the space, continues to inspire us to create spaces that people can enjoy - living, working, playing, eating, and worshipping, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Thus the name: Navona. (We are not a piazza, we are architects, so we left that portion of the name to the one and only.)

We look forward to designing your building - whatever the use (office space, financial institution, retail, restaurants, residential) and whatever the age of the building (historic or contemporary, new construction, addition, or renovation). Our primary goals are to provide you a space you love and enjoy and for you to experience architecture designed just for you!

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