Why hire an architect?

What exactly does an architect do?

An Architect’s Role

You may be wondering … Why do I need an architect? What does an architect do?

Here are some explanations of architectural services that Navona Architecture LLC could provide for you.

Evaluation & Planning Services

  • Programming (What functions does your space have? How many offices, restrooms, conference rooms, and work areas will you need?)

  • Functional Relationships/ Flow diagrams (What adjacencies are required? Does each office need a private restroom within the office or will one down the hall suffice?)

  • Existing facilities surveys

  • Site analysis, selection & development planning

  • Detailed site utility studies (typically performed by engineer and coordinated by architect)

  • Zoning Process Assistance

Design Services

  • Architectural design documentation

  • Structural design / documentation (by Structural Engineer with architect’s coordination)

  • Mechanical design / documentation (by Mechanical Engineer with architect’s coordination)

  • Electrical design / documentation (by Electrical Engineer with architect’s coordination)

  • Civil design / documentation (by Civil Engineer with architect’s coordination)

  • Landscape design / documentation (by Landscape Architect with architect’s coordination)

  • Interior design / documentation (Interior Design would be added to project if needed and coordinated by Architect)

  • Materials research & specifications

  • Tenant-Related Services

Project Administration & Management Services

  • Project Administration

  • Coordination of disciplines/ document checking

  • Agency consulting/ review approval

  • Value analysis balanced with budget & program

  • Schedule Development/ monitoring of the work

  • Evaluation of budget & preliminary estimate of cost of work

  • Presentation

  • Construction Management

Bidding or Negotiation Services

  • Bidding materials

  • Addenda/ responding to bidder inquiries

  • Bidding/ negotiation

  • Analysis of alternatives/ substitutions

  • Special Bidding

  • Bid Evaluation

  • Contract Award

Construction Administration Services

  • Submittal services & rejection of defective work

  • On-site visits

  • Full-time on-site project representative

  • Testing & Inspection administration

  • Supplemental Documentation

  • Quotation requests/ change orders

  • Contract cost accounting

  • Furniture & equipment installation administration

  • Interpretations & decisions

  • Project close-out

Facility Administration Services

  • Maintenance & Operational Programming

  • Start-Up Assistance

  • Record Drawing

  • Warranty Review

  • Postcontract Evaluation

Please reference the American Institute of Architects full brochure about the role of an architect, selecting an architect, and other pertinent information.